Coming 2019: ALL NEWS AND NO BEG?

2019 we are going to ask for a year in advance (or click buy now to subscribe) with more options on speeds. We are more and more security driven each day with less and less time to pay “bill collector” so sorry. With no mail and now 1 and done we need time to protect your gear as security slave keeping ahead of the risk (no other ISP other then we and the guy we resell. Good roll models)


Those of you who don’t remember paying us since April, U R LATE!!! PAY NOW!!!!

That means $135 on time has lost the paperless discount PLUS has a late fee ($155 DUE NOW)

Otherwise (1 more time before it becomes 1 and done 2019)

NEXT Quarter billing BEFORE MIDNIGHT: Oct 15th
Residential Due: $150 LESS $15 eMail eBill delivery ONLY Discount = $135/Quarter due
Business Due: $240 LESS $15 eMail eBill delivery ONLY Discount = $225/Quarter due

Time Left to PAY*:



We are doing way more then most of you realize, it is a dangerous world and we do a lot to protect you no body else will dare take on.  (until the cow is well out of the barn & they shut their guy off first he knows) FREE upgrades insanely NOT FREE (plus more sales tax to pay the governor each change alone) THAT TOO takes a ton of time

The news is full of horror stories. First about email and now about consumer routers (which we monitor and upgrade for you already not that you knew that).

Also BE AWARE we are much faster then before Christmas 2017 and there might be a new road out. Sure our supplier paid for that out of the significant cut of our White Label bill BUT WE are the ones 100% responsible for upgrading you, OUR customer. One point services many people. Many people on our part adds up.

PLUS there many unique premium features ONLY WestIL.net users get. Crazy Secured email on A+ rated servers with ridiculous inbox sizes and PRIVATE cloud storage options (for all those precious selfies) with online document editing tools to justify such large storage. Then full hosted exchange server capabilities and permanent archiving capabilities (if you are one who might need that for Fed reasons) … Basically a ton you don’t need, but we can do it all if you can.

AND someone when something goes wrong, mail or otherwise, you can DRIVE to or call. Try to find a contact number for the mega mail giants with a history of requesting password resets after they were hacked. You have a question or problem, there is no calling ANYONE THERE (but we have all those bells and more HERE)

THIS DOES NOT COME CHEAP but we WON’T do “good enough for the girls we go with” here on ANYTHING.


  • CHANGE: 2019 Pre pay the year -or- subscribe (more buttons coming Winter 2018)
  • NEW: All new levels of fast, faster, insane speeds. All just a matter of how perfect is your shot out now and what you are willing to pay up.
  • SAME: Cancel anytime, no contract commitments. Equipment MUST be returned, full refund on unused balance pre-paid
  • NEW: optional consulting and implementation of several available FREE “DNS filtering and firewall” schemes to enforce it on the router you lease from us
  • NEW better bigger email (same insane security features plus a few more)
  • OPTIONAL insane Pro Email with Cloud Storage, or insanely insane Exchange Server mail capabilities and archival (if such a business need)
  • NEW: line of cool routers to lease (at small one time upgrade fees) all managed and secured by us for you for no added fee.
  • SAME: We proactively secure and upgrade our device (outside) and we will continue to do the same for the router (inside) you lease from us…security slave for life basically?
  • CHANGE: After 24 months you become liable if our router is damaged. Simply put it on the battery side of a UPS battery+surge device (as we continually beg you to) and we again extend no fault/no cost replacement (to you, naturally it cost us a bundle) for LIFE. If that is a CHANGE or not is up to you?

CANCEL ANYTIME (by 25th)  of PRIOR MONTH “with confirmation”. THAT being key. If think you “sent” a text, voice message, mail or email is not enough UNTIL WE REPLY. EVERYONE LIVES within 15 miles. Nothing is 100% and a “reply” definitely confirms you ARE OFF THE HOOK.

(FREE parking…here of course, where you are going? no clue!)
Same routine, BEFORE the 25th of any PRIOR month and we can PARK your account for FREE. Service increments are based on month by month. Use that scheme as a guide when service must resume (following month IF arrangement or notification is prior to 25th before


WE pay FOR YOU for YOUR service. We are neither the “psychic network” AND we do not troll your usage. I don’t set here spying on how you surf, if you are home or even if maybe you are dead. (sorry if the latter) A huge chunk goes to our supplier and our small cut assumes the money is on our back to be on the hook for YOUR BILL. I would hope we earn way more then we charge with some of the insane services we enhance their product doing for our group.

Are we naive about customer conduct (probably). Point is it is super ez: 4 dates on a calendar (new only 1 come 2019) and same price each time!


https://www.WestILMall.com/pay/  (PayPal account optional, select “no”)
https://www.PayPal.me/WestILMall (PayPal account required)