NEXT Quarter billing BEFORE MIDNIGHT: April 10th

Time Left to PAY*:

* Most chose “Once and Done” annual pay or monthly subscriptions. Otherwise Quarterly = $ rate x 3 + $5 handling.


THIS IS OUR PREFERRED/Once and Done/Safest choice (with all your credit card points and cash back choices included)

USE the BUY NOW tab. OPEN ENROLLMENT between 5th and 10th (now and going forward) is the #1 preferred method to pay.

Select your subscription speed:

  • Basic level Surf Pro is what most have now. Some go…
  • Surf Premium as poor man’s streaming and minimal streaming with other devices competing for bandwidth along side.
  • Streaming Pro is for gamers BUT
  • Streaming Premium is where “Broadband” by definition (greater then 10 Mbps) begins.

BIG DIFFERENCE is yes it rural Internet is expensive yet WE ARE UNLIMITED DATA. Push what you pay for each cycle no frets! 

Your only decision is picking the right speed/price point, without deciding where higher speed is throttled (or worse disconnected for what other vendors incorrectly term abuse)

  • OPTION 2: SURE you can take  monthly price $ x 12 and pre pay A FULL YEAR.
  • OPTION 3: (grandfathered and LEAST FAVORITE choice:)  price $ x 3 pre pay Quarter PLUS $5 extra (hassle) handling fee

Your responsibility to remember IN HAND by April 10, July 10 and October 10 to follow) There is a $20 Delinquency fee for termination  & reinstatement if that helps you remember…the choice as always is yours.

Crazy but if you just have to write a check (as easy to pay as PO Box 123 Smithshire IL 61478)

I will tell you there is no “fraudulent charge” protection to compromised debit or checking accounts. Even if you consider that “security theater” it literally is money in the bank paying (or subscribing) by credit card. 

THAT IS WHY SUBSCRIPTIONS (between 5th and 10th) are ideal. Example:

  • PAY for Surf Pro (subscribe any month 5th – 10th)
  • ASK US to run a FREE Trial Surf Premium last few days that pay period (aka 22nd – 31st)
  • TELL US before 1st how to bill it (upgrade or stay put)
  • CANCEL your current plan (when upgrading)
  • ENROLL in that new level 5th-10th following month

NO INTERRUPTION in service and you are on the new plan

Thus enrolling 5th-10th: Cover the plan that started on the 1st that we are stuck for paying for you at about 15th yet upgrade/downgrade without indecent.

As in:
Service Call: $25
Incident being: $20 (non payment termination/reinstatement) and neither makes us more then those task physically cost!

Technically the WiFi router is no longer FREE…

Well a basic one is included, better ones are offered with the same custom configuring and firmware upgrading as with basic. IF however ours is damaged, YOU are RESPONSIBLE for paying for our replacement…

…BUT if you put both our receiver and router on YOUR battery+surge side of a UPS “Uninterrupted Power Supply”…you tried so we will suffer the loss/replacement?

Yep FREE and the replacement FREE. Just search for “ups” on Wal-Mart® or Amazon® if you don’t know what we are talking about. We need such tiny amps (VA) that the cheapest will do. Size only matters if you are jacking in your gear too.

Rural power is as pathetic as finding competing Internet services out here in the sticks. On a UPS you don’t have drops or surges. Other then a direct lightning hit, there is a ton of less “did you unplug it and plug it back in again” on a UPS.

If that I.T. trick fails, and you failed our request, then it is a $50-$150+ risk you take (same as competitors require if their gear blows out)

Honestly a UPS is a MUST. Really each of our customers having at least ONE under $50 unit is a win for both & a simple request IMHO.

We have experimented with several advanced (DNS + Firewall enforcement rules) options available to control your home “family safety”. We can implement something on any of our basic units to our insane 3 point wide area mesh options. Doing so is never 100% protection BUT doing nothing is 100% chance to #fail.

NEW: You can choose to live life on that knife edge & use your own router. YOUR JOB to config & secure it. Ignorance is not bliss so WHAT HAPPENS NEXT we can’t hold your hand or do anything about. To known every consumer level piece of junk out there or it’s vulnerabilities is a sure #fail.