NEXT Quarter billing BEFORE MIDNIGHT: Oct 15th

Time Left to PAY*:

* or time left to SUBSCRIBE

Coming 2019:  (existing & newly installed subscribers)

Please check the “Buy Now” link up top to choose your subscription level. There are 4 residential (surfing) and 3 business (streaming) products. Basic Surfing Pro is likely a streaming struggle. Some get by on Surfing Premium. In our opinion the slightly more yet predictable day & night Streaming Pro is probably the streamer best bet (penny pinching can work but not without peak issues, religious strict diet of 1 stream SD only and no surfing devices otherwise required to stream on a surfing lineup basically)

NEXT YEAR you will ONLY be able to SUBSCRIBE or PAY YEAR IN ADVANCE. (no quarterly tomfoolery. Too many late accounts). Fully refundable unused portions if you cancel/downgrade/move. Think of it as an advanced “security deposit” as we have expensive gear at your site as well.

Email is migrating to a more robust system. It will fail Jan 1 and require new settings updated on your PCs and devices. Arrange for an interim email prior. (or suffer till we get to you if you procrastinate)

WiFi router is no longer free. Well it is IF you PURCHASE a BATTERY BACKUP (not just surge protector) and put our gear on the “Battery+Surge” plug. Our requirement is only a tiny 25Va so whatever your PC is begging for is fine to tag us into (you really should own one anyway for your gear)

THAT SAID we have several advanced (DNS + Firewall enforcement rules) options available to control your home safety. We also monitor the web for patches and upgrades then upgrade our leased devices (and your routers with us) for the most safe environment possible (in a really unsafe world otherwise). We also have several upgrades that we will configure and monitor for you. Dual band wifi to full multi plug mesh units.

Otherwise use your own unit (NEW, we will permit that) we will remove all our normal protection so you can live life on the edge. Be aware without care you can in fact create noise with wrong channel/power selections that totally decimate your own service (not to mention risk of attacks not monitoring your router supplier for firmware upgrades). We don’t totally secure your house, but can secure 2 pieces of our hardware plus know the art of do’s and don’ts to avoid self inflicted router miss-configuration wounds.


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https://www.PayPal.me/WestILMall (PayPal account required)