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FASTER SPEEDS now available …
(for those with installation complete & service confirmed)
We prefer you click to enroll during 5th-10th each month. Once & done but that also permits orderly changes (to trial, upgrade & cancel/re-enroll subscription at different speeds/rates)

Surfing (2 plans recommended)*

Plan Options:

(Pro and Premium are most popular ..or..)

Streaming & 4Biz (3 plans available)*

Plan Options:

Our TOP PICKS (from the list above)

  • $75 Surf Premium: A few more bucks for a few less tricks to stream on what is surfing while leaving a few devices online with.
  • $100 Streaming Pro: Where streaming begins. Plenty above 5 Mbps for one HD stream or some SD and shopping in the background while you watch TV.
  • $150  Streaming Premium?
    at 12Mbps it is as fast as 4g, unlimited data, not offline every heavy storm & true 10Mbps rural “broadband” in a land where dial-up otherwise still rules.  (only we are that crazy, the other 3 are fine)

ALL our plans INCLUDE high speed wireless based Internet service (WISP) and of course our friendly, nearby, local customer support 😉

  • Yes many of you are trying to stream on a lesser priced, grandfathered, surf package (with issues) I don’t recommend it, but I won’t force you to upgrade/resubscribe until/unless Derby bills me differently on you.
  • no minimum contract period, cancel any time, any reason (simply return free leased equipment)
  • (I can’t stress this enough, if you are lucky to get fiber, GET FIBER but 1. call me to cancel & 2. we still are here for the router & IT solutions/services the fiber company will not venture inside your door to help with)
  • “Subscription” method is our #1 prescribed method to enroll. YOU get credit card points & the flex to upgrade/downgrade monthly.
  • I know some (too many) are happy to pre-pay, by Jan 10, a year in advance (that is a crazy amount but so be it)
  • You get OUR receiver AND OUR WiFi router PLUS OUR no worry device protection, fully monitored & secured. NO COST REPLACEMENT IF you protect with the battery side of a UPS power supply. Google “ups” on Wal-Mart® or Amazon® for what that is.
  • NO phone, cable, satellite, cell service or hidden fees. “Just Internet” no monthly surprises!
  • Your connection is “always on” and working 24/7 keeping your PC(s, tablets, phones) and software up to date in a dangerous world.
  • VoIP phone, streaming choices, your house full of the IoT (Internet of things)  w/NO DATA CAPS, throttling or overages! Simply pick yur speed/price required.
  • Local, friendly service from someone I bet you already know!

Initial survey is free. Standard Installation is $150. We NOW offer router upgrades & sales we will custom configure (family safety) and keep secured (firmware) for you (or bring your own and risk living on the edge)

Subject to availability: Generally only catch is 80% of potential rural users have a tree or building blocking that ever increasing list of towers. A survey and some creativity bending that rule sometimes is the answer.

So you know: We is me, myself & I to the extent I personally am responsible for everything “you” the customer needs. The in home or in biz premise side bit we uniquely  tweak to get you the most bang for your buck. “The network” is huge & highly professionally managed. Our added bells and whistles are however exclusive & we, by choice, only install WISP to Warren & Henderson County residents.

BUT for Web hosting, design, IoT integration & security … we work EVERYWHERE & often from ANYWHERE!

Western Illinois Life Network, live life more robustly!