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PLEASE NOTE: MUCH FASTER SPEEDS are now currently possible. For here online these two base products meet most residential & business needs. 

ALL our plans INCLUDE high speed broadband, wireless based Internet service (WISP) and of course our friendly, nearby, local support ūüėČ

Western Illinois Life Network, live life more robustly!

Family Fun Pack: $45/mo reoccurring
Internet Subscription + Equipment lease (installation extra)

  • NEW up to 4 Mbps download speed (2 Mbps peak)
  • Includes both WISP receiver AND Home (Basic WiFi) Router
    • WE maintain software/security of both (priceless if paying for tech support alone)
    • Lease up to a fancy router or 3 point mesh? (same priceless maintenance, est: +$30-$300 separate gear up-lease )
    • We cover our router for 48 months (no fault) if it fails after that, there will be a replacement charge ($50+ up lease…or) requested)
    • IF you put the router & our gear on a UPS battery+surge backup port we will cover it (no fault) for the life on the UPS.
    • Other speeds: $60= 5-3, $75=6-4, $100=10-6 Mbps off peak-peak where locations permit ¬†upgrade quality)
  • Included no cost equipment upgrades and receiver damage re-installation/replacement
  • Installation fee ($150). Subscribe ONLY AFTER installation complete/paid!
  • 1 FULL EMAIL accounts (Secured WWW, POP & IMAP, 25 Gig included)
    • or Upgrade to Pro+ 30 Gig Cloud online document editing/storage levels available (+$60/yr)
    • or Sky the limit: Hosted Exchange, daily backs up & archival features available if legally a must!
  • No minimum service contracts, 30 day no fault trial, free parking (full month periods & 15 day prior notification required)
    (leased gear for service/trial must be returned to cancel)

BUSINESS WISP+ Package $100/mo

  • INCLUDES Static IP
    • Additional Static IPs, subnets, etc available for added fees
  • Single Peak/off Peak fixed speeds: 8/3 Mbps download/upload speed
    • This was the option for faster residential. Now we have more flavors at more affordable increments for them too.
    • Ask about the $300 15/15 Mbps upload/download for extreme needs if location permits
  • $150 installation (Typical receiver w/install to your end device, custom networking quotes available. Installed & Settled, now subscribe…)
  • Great for difficult rural environments needing reliable solutions for business bells and whistles without a ridiculous up-charge.
  • EXCLUSIVE: 1 DOMAIN NAME ¬†w/email PLUS basic 1pg hosting OR DNS services for onsite¬†hosting!
    • Talk to us about fully supported Business hosting, Domain registrations, Hosted Exchange email scenarios, fully supported integration and support…
  • Also a great add on to your existing solution to achieve multi WAN fail-over redundancy and meet load balancing requirements

Recommended for businesses with up to 6 simultaneous employees/PCs or a servers to get web connected, Web Hosting and Domain Name¬†convenience all in one very affordable package. Need more? This is just the basic offering. Contact us. Already have Internet and just need a Web solutions provider who is local and understands how you think? Visit for more…

Please be aware we do way more then this. Cameras, WiFi Cafe(s), servers in racks and in set top boxes … What we do here is just the start for the rest.

However for a very affordable Business Plus Subscription:¬†Just $80/mo…

The PayPal payment buttons here are the reoccurring monthly service after already paying for the initial installation/setup fee that followed the free site survey. Click to start and no worries next month.

  • no minimum contract period, cancel any time, any reason
  • WISP hardware NOW INCLUDED. Simply return while notifying us to cancel
  • NO phone, cable, satellite, cell service or hidden fees. “Just Internet” no surprises
  • Your connection is “always on” and working 24/7 keeping your PC(s) and PC(s) software updated
  • IF you lease our router, WE MAINTAIN the firmware & secure it FOR YOU (priceless IT slave labor included)
  • VoIP phone software, games and online media content to fill in the void of what you replaced getting “Just Internet” with
  • Local, friendly service from someone I bet you already know!

Speed: WISP Broadband speeds are no longer 1 mbs, 3mbps* but now the base starting product alone is 4 Mbps off peak (2 peak) all the way to a 15 Mbps fixed up/down 24/7 extreme business offering. Yes that one is $$$ BUT out of town does not have to mean off grid or even slower then town brethren.

Subject to availability: Other then this bit, we don’t advertise. Space is limited & trees are not your friend, but with the recent supplier investment in expansion this is less an issue each day.

OK truth in advertising: We is me, to the extent I personally am responsible for everything “you”, the end customer … period.¬†“The network” is technically Derby Works who do an incredible job of procuring, expanding & securing it. It gets faster/safer as others get oversold. It is the best thing to hang specific (our) enhancements. Both are privately run business, we hear you and care. As a provider of local hosting, web design and crazy IoT integration, we do this just for you. Internet bit only if you live in the 2 counties I live smack in the middle of, the rest: wherever money calls me to go!

Subject to availability, limited quantities, price subject to change, call first before paying here

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