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As www.WestIL.net we service Warren & Henderson counties in Western Illinois with Wireless Internet Services (WISP). This is a self imposed by us so the customer base we serve are close and therefore well maintained. The network itself is our highly recommended White-Label provider. We simply add more supported devices, some crazy work to get wireless Internet into that last hop where it normally can’t and an entirely different approach to email and cloud storage add on options. Otherwise “just Internet” the the very good source for Internet access bit is our recommendation if you don’t want us and all of that too.

Either way we offer more residential bells and whistles then most competitors enable on even the business products. AND we take security seriously. How you behave is beyond our scope but when it comes to our devices, we include the router and treat it like the threat to be maintained that it is.

WISP Service Map

That oddly is unique. Others don’t offer that extra service and generally their customers won’t know until the case is so bad they have terminated their service without warning.  When it comes to our devices and even the router offer, it is a full time job (no other ISP dare takes on) keeping you protected with the best updated scheme we employ.  

Currently we only list the popular base residential and business subscriptions online. NOW we are not only faster, but there are 3 more residential and 2 more business upgrades possible if your site is well hung to enjoy that feature. 15×15 Mbps down/up @ $300 sounds expensive until you figure you might move more rural and be faster then town at a way lower tax bill? Just an idea?

So why is not EVERYONE on US? The sad fact is 80% love trees, took down the TV tower, live in the valley or otherwise reside in one very pretty yet (still) isolated zone of Forgottonia and just CAN’T GET “unlimited wireless service with no data caps & no contracts”.  For them life is full of regret. Still the lucky 20% rule constantly increases as new points go in.  We like to think we push that a couple more percent making impossible possible just for the fun of the challenge. All the new provider upgrades the guys do adds to it too. (Honestly I don’t think they know weekends or sleep, so neither do we)

Here is some quick links for “already” members of the Western Illinois Life Network rural wireless Internet subscription family:

SECURE WEBMAIL: WestILMall.com:2096

PRO MAIL NEW: www.WestIL.email
(25 GIG inbox, 30 GIG  private cloud, Word/Excel tools, managed by us for WestIL users!)

eBILLS: WestILMall.com/pay/ or PayPal.me/WestILMall (both PayPal secure driven)

Of course we do A LOT MORE then just wire the local area with Internet service. www.WestILMall.com hosting solutions is for the entire Western Illinois region (with solutions for Eastern Illinois, Iowa and Missouri) and as Allen Family electronic Publishing ( www.AFePub.com ) we are here to assist anyone in any way we can from Internet Cafe’s to Security Camera solutions and more.

Preston ;-)
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