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As www.WestIL.net we service Warren and Henderson counties in Western Illinois with Wireless Internet Services (WISP). This is a self imposed restriction so we can better serve a smaller local group. If your reside outside of this area, call and we always advise you as well as refer you to a very good source for Internet in an otherwise difficult service region.

WISP Service MapHere is some quick links for members of the Western Illinois Life Network rural wireless Internet subscription family:

SECURE WEBMAIL: https://www.westilmall.com:2096

SECURE Online ePayments: https://www.westilmall.com/pay/ (PayPal)

Of course we do A LOT MORE then just wire the local area with Internet service. www.WestILMall.com hosting solutions is for the entire Western Illinois region (with solutions for Eastern Illinois, Iowa and Missouri) and as Allen Family electronic Publishing ( www.AFePub.com ) we are here to assist anyone in any way we can.

Otherwise if you are just really bored, want to check some local weather data, get current weather stats or play with some of our at home toys on the Exp3rMental site: visit www.eWestIL.net
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